The Green Ray (1986), Recommended, TSPDT #876

Delphine (Marie Rivière)

The title of this film is kind of confusing. It comes up as an important part of the story as reference to Jules Verne’s The Green Ray and we do see that meteorological phenomenon at the end of the film. However, I have come to expect titles like My Night At Maud’s or Pauline At The Beach from director Eric Rohmer. A better title for this film would have been Delphine Goes On Vacation.

And that’s exactly what she does. However, when her friends want her to go outside of France she recoils. Her family is going to Ireland, but a proper vacation isn’t with family according to her. She ends up going from one French vacation spot to another where she keeps her shields up and withdraws from every opportunity only to say later that she is open and that there must be something wrong with her. In at least one place she shows up only to turn around a little while later.

The tale of the green ray is that if you see this phenomenon you will not only be able to read other’s feelings and your own. She is drawn to this story because she really doesn’t understand herself and misunderstands those around her. As a result, she is very isolated.

This movie resonated with me because unfortunately I am a lot like Delphine. I recommend it.

9 thoughts on “The Green Ray (1986), Recommended, TSPDT #876

  1. I am an Eric Rohmer devotee and 'The Green Ray' is one of my favourite movies of his. I believe we've all felt like Delphine at some point.I'd also recommend 'A Winter's Tale' and 'Pauline at the Beach', which you mention, is great too.

  2. you mention that you might expect a different title for this movie. it was released in the u.s. as "summer." when it came back around on dvd with its French title, i assumed that it was a different probably know this already, but in the u.s. the phenomenom is called a green flash. i thought i saw one once and my partner and i agreed that it was supposed to mean something good, although neither of us knew what.

  3. I was a little disappointed with "The Green Ray" 6 months ago. Maybe because the characters are kind of bored, this made me bored as well. Perhaps I didn't understand what the director was trying to say, so your review helped a little.Talking of Green, I know you like old movies, have you seen the underrated gem "The boy with green hair (1948) ?Also, I just recommended on my blog a great 60s movie "A patch of blue", directed by another Green, Guy Green.Nice idea to have a director list on the left side of your site, I might have to do the same some time( : The new banner picture at the top, is that from a favorite film of yours ? That's probably a thing I feel is maybe missing on your site, what some of your favorite films are. But who am I to talk, I haven't added them to my blogger profile yet either ( :

  4. I haven't seen The Boy With Green Hair although I should since it has Dean Stockwell in it. I grew up on him, watching Quantum Leap.I've wanted to add the directors list for a while, but the template I was using was from when I started in December 2008 so it wasn't flexible enough. That's why the face lift on my blog.The banner picture is the highest quality picture I could find of Japanese actress Setsuko Hara. It's probably from one of Yasujiro Ozu's films.I used to provide a link to some of my favorite films. I can put it up again, but I think I would have to update it. Do you think I should? Here is the link:

  5. Thanks for sharing your favourite list ( :Not sure if your asking if you should update list, or if you should link to it on your blog. But if you feel it will add something to your list to update it, then I guess it's a good idea. I think the favourites thing is a way for newcomers to quickly figure out if they agree with your taste (and want to follow). Like an extention of the 3 favourites (LAMB data). It might be a little intimidating/overwhelming to only share your long favourites list. If it was me I'd select maybe top 50 and put them on my blogger profile page as well. There an expression called "less is more". This is just friendly advice. I'm no expert ( :

  6. I am an Eric Rohmer devotee and 'The Green Ray' is one of my favourite movies of his. I believe we've all felt like Delphine at some point.I'd also recommend 'A Winter's Tale' and 'Pauline at the Beach', which you mention, is great too.

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