Les Femmes (1969), Not Recommended

Brigitte Bardot

It’s like they wanted to make a soft-core porn film with fun elements of the French New Wave, but had to dial it back in order to get Brigitte Bardot. Even the way it is, I don’t know how they got Bardot. The movie is about the guy enjoying the view in the picture above. He is a writer who has made a career out of the women he sleeps with. He needs inspiration, so his publisher hires Bardot and puts her under a sex slave contract. She knows that’s what it is and signs anyways. The two travel by train while he dictates to Bardot the stories of past relationships.

The women are attractive enough and it will be arousing at times. The rest of the film is a wet blanket. Skip this movie and pick up a Playboy instead.

6 thoughts on “Les Femmes (1969), Not Recommended

  1. I’ve never seen a Bardot film and it looks like it will remain that way for now. Ha Ha
    Thanks for reviewing this one even though it looks painful to way (wink)

    • It hurt for a while and was hard to watch, but then there was release and the pain was gone. Of course that release was when ‘Fin’ appeared and I remembered I enjoyed Bardot in Viva Maria!

      Well, I can assure you Page I won’t be thinking about Bardot having finished watching Dracula with Bela for the first time this evening.

  2. Valerie, I get the feeling ogling Bardot is the main attraction here. Maybe a coffee table book would have been better than a film! :-) Enjoyed your review, though!

    • I wish! That was one of the biggest problems. Most of the time we are ogling other girls while the guy narrates. Bardot is relegated to a chase, a sex scene at the end, and some quippy comments. What a waste.

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