I discovered today that my analytics page on YouTube was showing an external website called coull.com as a playback location for my videos. Seeing as I have only embedded them on Facebook and this blog, it came as a bit of a shock. I looked up coull.com, and it is an ad network. I went to my phone to get the most ad friendly experience of my blog, and sure enough, when I clicked to play the video it redirected me to coull.com. I have contacted wordpress.com, and await their response, but in the meantime I have pulled all but one of my embedded videos. I don’t mind them running ads against my content when they are hosting that content, but these videos are being hosted by Google. All that is done on WordPress is to add a small bit of HTML. What they are doing is the equivalent of hijacking any link that is clicked on from your site, redirecting them to an ad, then sending them to where they want to go. The link just requires a small amount of HTML to implement and the content is hosted elsewhere. It’s the same thing, and I find what WordPress is doing to be shady at best. That is why I have removed my embedded videos and will only be providing links in the future.

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