I Need Your Help!

As you probably know, I am trying to see all 1000 films on They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They’s top 1000 films. I have done good so far and either have or can get all but one of the remaining films. I need your help to locate the final film.

  1. The Art Of Vision (1965) by Stan Brakhage

If you know where I can find it, then drop me a line. If it turns out I am missing another film or I find this one, I will update this list.

6 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!”

  1. Cippenham said:


    If you want to go to Colorado, they may be able to help!

  2. Nuno Barros said:

    sorry i dont find it either but i wanted to ask u if u have the
    1974.Out 1: Spectre
    from Rivette

    i too am trying to see the best 1000 from TSPDT

    so maybe we could help each other

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