So there’s this undertaker who meets an executioner. He likes the executioner and winds up meeting his family despite the stigma around the executioner. Then the undertaker starts seeing the executioner’s daughter. The executioner finds out and before you know it the two are engaged. Soon afterwords they are married and she is pregnant. They go to move into an apartment promised them by the executioner’s employers, but here is the snag. Since the executioner is retiring and there is another couple who are still employed and also want the apartment, the employers give the apartment to the other couple. But the executioner has a bright idea, the undertaker should become the executioner! Of course he doesn’t want to and hilarity should ensue.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. The laughs are sparse and not that funny. It is no surprise that some Italian money went into this film because it plays very much like an Italian Comedy right up to the ending which is not supposed to pull any punches. It doesn’t, but it sure does soften them. All in all, I would call this a misfire, but it has a lot of prestige around it so it still may be worth a look if the plot above sounds interesting to you.