Plot spoilers in paragraph 2

I must first admit that shorts have never been my thing. So bear with me if I butcher this review. This film is about two prisoners who strike up a relationship through their common wall. They breathe smoke through a hole in the wall, they knock on the wall, and they exchange flowers through their windows. If the flowers didn’t give it away, the relationship is more than just platonic. There homosexual relationship is carried out through masturbation, the above mentioned methods of communication, and through cinematic daydream sequences of them together.

During all this, we are not the only ones watching. There is a guard outside of their cells who moves back and forth between the two peep holes. He seems to be enjoying what he sees, but simultaneously being bothered by that fact. Ultimately he enters one of the cells and beats one of them. Then he pulls out his gun and puts it in the mouth of one of the prisoners. We never see whether or not he pulls the trigger and in fact see another interaction between the prisoners even after that sequence. Then the film ends.

The only meaning I can extract from this is that imprisonment makes one long for love. Love that may not be your taste, but love nonetheless.