Plot spoiler in 1st paragraph

So one of my friends said she read my blog the other day. She said it had some problems, but that I had great expectations. I asked her if this meant she was going to pay for my college tuition. Unfortunately, the answer was no. However, in the film Great Expectations, giving food to random convicts on the run will set you up for life. Also there are people who are so spiteful that they manipulate others to seek their revenge. All in all the point is that how we treat others shapes how they will treat the rest of the world.

There isn’t much to talk about with this film. It is a straight up literary adaptation of Dickens famous work. It’s directed by David Lean famous for epics like Lawrence Of Arabia (1962) and The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957). I guess it’s the iconic example of the saying that everyone starts small. It is well directed, but nothing special. That goes for the film as well as the story, which I can blame Dickens for. Not all classics are really classics.