Although Truman Capote said this adaption of his novel made him want to throw up, it is a good film. The movie is about a woman who tries to do everything to remain unattached or uncaged as she puts it. She is also a prostitute, but they never explicitly mention it. She is paid to go to “the powder room”. She befriends a man who moves into her building. He is a never was writer who is now a male mistress. The story is basically their journey from being 20 something with no life in sight to happily ever after.

What makes this film work is Audrey Hepburn. She is wonderful in every sense of the word. She makes the whole film work. The man played by George Peppard isn’t bad, but he is kind of a poor man’s Robert Redford. The only real problem with this film is Mickey Rooney. The guy is in yellow face doing a Jerry Lewis impression. He isn’t really offensive, but boy is he annoying and stupid. They should have just hired somebody like Jim Shigeta or any other Japanese actor. That or just cut out his character altogether.

That said, still see this film. You’ll finally know where the Carrie Bradshaw character came from on Sex And The City.