Having seen 4 Robert Bresson films before this, I know what great films this man can produce. L’Argent is not one of them no matter what anybody tells you. It is dreadfully boring. It follows a similar no bullshit approach to story telling as A Man Escaped (1956), but instead of keeping us more engaged like in A Man Escaped it only makes us even less involved in the story then we already are. The film is about a man whose life goes on a downward spiral after being accused of passing counterfeit money. He didn’t know it was counterfeit. It was given to him by a shop that knew it was counterfeit because it had been passed it by a couple of kids and didn’t want to admit their mistake. This sounds like a good morality tale, but Bresson ruins it by not giving us any reason to care. When he becomes a murderer at the end of the film we don’t give rat’s ass. We’re just glad the film is over. Skip this one.