This film by Brazilian filmmaker Glauber Rocha is all over the place. At times frustrating and at times exhilarating. The film is about a poet/journalist who is stuck inside the political turmoil of the fictional country of El Dorado. On one end is a man who is rising to power through force. The other end finds a man who wants “to be in touch with the people.” Both sides manipulate the man to try and get them to the position they want, the governor of El Dorado. The film is operatic, filled with montage, and experimental camerawork. That part I liked, but what I couldn’t stand was the influence of Godard and therefore indirect influence of Brecht. The film often felt like it was a bunch of people reading off of a piece of paper. I know Godard worshipers love this, but I find it boring and preachy. See this film for the cinematography, but if you want Rocha, see Black God, White Devil (you won’t understand it, but it’s still fun to watch).