If the only films you think come from Sweden are Bergman and porn, then you will probably be surprised to know that this film is neither. It is a “children’s” film about a boy who is bothering his mother with his eccentricities. His brother who likes to point his fake rifle and shoot everything doesn’t help either. Normally this wouldn’t be that big of an issue, just regular parenting problems. However, the mother happens to need a lot of rest because she is battling tuberculosis. As a result, the boy is sent away to live with his uncle.

It’s a good thing the boy is a bit eccentric because otherwise he wouldn’t fit in where his uncle lives. There is a man living in the same building who is too weak to get out of bed, but likes to have the kid read to him from a lingerie magazine. There is a girl who crossdresses so that she can play on the boy’s soccer team. A beautiful woman who is posing nude for a sculpture and a guy who is always repairing his roof.

The boy deals with his problems by comparing himself with those less fortunate. Particularly with a dog the Soviet’s sent into space. The movie is fun and goes in the direction you think it will. It’s harmless and will probably make you tear up a little. The only real problem with the film is that it meanders a bit and comes to a bit of a sudden stop. Overall, it’s worth seeing.