With the coming of sound in 1927 with The Jazz Singer came a new genre, the musical.
Like any new genre there are always a few great films, some average ones, and a boatload of crap. When 42nd Street came out the musical was almost dead because people were sick of the lousy ones. This film, under the musical direction of Busby Berkeley, resurrected the genre.

Lloyd Bacon was director of the rest of the film, but like all early musicals the rest of the film was a little comedy and nothing else. The film is a backstage comedy about getting ready for the show that you ultimately see at the end of the picture. The film is full of stars from the period such as Dick Powell, Ginger Rogers, and Una Merkel. The musical numbers are fantastic, but short. Berkeley does his regular thing by creating geometric patterns and shapes out of beautiful women and their legs. I’ve seen better Berkeley films, but this one definitely is worth seeing. Especially if you have never seen a Busby Berkeley film.