Hotel Terminus is a documentary about a man named Klaus Barbie. This man went from being a nasty SS officer to a collaborator with the United States government to being a revolutionary in South America before his sorry ass was dragged back to France to be charged for crimes against humanity.

The film is directed by Marcel Ophuls, Max Ophuls’ son, and he approaches the film much in the same that French director Claude Lanzmann did for his film Shoah. Instead of relying upon archival footage, Ophuls leans heavily in favor of interviews and footage shot on the spot. Oddly enough, Lanzmann is actually interviewed in the film by Ophuls.

I am not going to summarize the film more than the first paragraph has, but let me tell you that you are left thinking that not only is Barbie a scumbag, but so is everyone that makes up the pipeline that finally brought Barbie back to France for his crimes. Especially, the incompetent United States intelligence.

Check this film out.