So the semester finally ended last week. This one worked me to death. At least the graphics course left me with some cool programs and the course on Vietnamese history will prove useful. However, I only got to watch handful of movies. Well, now that I am out I am trying to get back into the thick of it. I am catching up on some films from the soon to be last year. Sin Hombre was ok, The Hangover was crap, Avatar was disappointing, and Julie & Julia should have cut Amy Adams and gone with more over the top Meryl Streep. Up is the best I have seen although I liked the dark ending of the latest Harry Potter film. I am sure there is a great film out there somewhere, but I haven’t seen it yet.

But to get to the movie in question. The Lovers On The Bridge is about two homeless people who sleep on the Pont Neuf bridge, fire a gun off of the statue of Henry IV, and drug old men. One is a man and one is a woman and there is more than meets the eye about her (no pun intended as she has a patch over one eye in most of the movie). This is one of those movies that definitely will have a cult following of people who will really identify with the characters. The best way to describe this movie is to say that it is the MTV brand of post French New Wave cinema. The film is also filled with self-loathing, brooding, and society hates me stuff that you would expect from a middle school goth girl.

The film does have Juliette Binoche, but if you find her attractive, this movie will leave you with a wet noodle as you see her stumble around, one eye patched over looking like she slept in a trash can. Kind of like Monster (2003) took away anything attractive about Charlize Theron. However, the performance here is nowhere near what she has shown she is capable of doing in films like Blue (1993).

This is one of those movies that you are either going to love or think it was childish. Hating it is a little difficult.