That line delivered by the veteran Dutch actor Derek De Lint is the most interesting line in the film. If you look up this movie you will be told about a Jewish girl, a resistance movement, and World War II. But the film is really an old Hollywood whodunit.

The film starts with a Jewish woman in 1950’s Israel who runs into an old friend from the war. Now were back in 1940’s Holland. Her hiding place gets bombed by the British so she needs a new place to hide. In short order a man claiming to be part of the resistance comes along and says he can get her to Belgium on a boat. Just make sure she brings plenty of money with her. It turns out the rest of her family, who have also been in hiding, are taking this ship too. Then the Nazis come along and slaughter everyone on board except for our hero and loot the corpses. She sees the head Nazi and is determined to get revenge. She joins the resistance and becomes their agent working inside the local Nazi headquarters. Who is really behind these attacks on rich Jews?

The film is all about archetypes. There is the Good Nazi, the Bad Nazi, the Collaborator, the Hero, and the Veteran. Unfortunately, that is all you need to know in order to figure out what happens in the rest of the film. Quite predictable.

However, it can be quite a bit of fun. Especially when our hero not only dyes her hair, but her pubic hair to insure that she doesn’t get spotted as a Jew. Of course dying her eyebrows is too much. Like just about any Verhoeven film, it’s worth a look.