John Cassavettes was a master of the uncomfortable and Husbands is no exception:
1. Peter Falk with a Chinese girl in a hotel room who will kiss him, but otherwise stares off into nothingness.
2. A dental patient who is afraid of dentists so she keeps making meaningless conversation perhaps in the hope that if she keeps talking the dentist won’t have to look in her mouth.
3. Ben Gazzara repeatedly making this woman sing a song because her previous attempts weren’t good enough.

The film begins with stills like the one above. The man on the left has just passed away, leaving the remaining three played from the left by John Cassavettes, Ben Gazzara, and Peter Falk. As the title suggests they are all husbands. However, after they lose their friend they each begin to degenerate from responsible adults into impulsive adolescents. They drink, don’t shower, chase women, and run off to London, but ultimately they come back home with gifts because they can’t escape their domestic existence.

If you’re new to Cassavettes then this is not where you begin. You need to start with A Woman Under The Influence (1974) at least before moving to this one. If you’ve seen some Cassavetes then you might enjoy it, but it’s not one of his best.