This was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had watching a movie. I can’t remember a better film about racism. The movie is about a young actress who accidentally hits a beautiful all white German Shepherd. The dog survives and she takes care of it while searching for the owner. She soon finds out that the dog is an attack dog, but it’s worse than that. The dog has been trained to attack black people. They call dogs like that white dogs.

Appalled at the thought of putting it down, she finds a trainer played by black actor Paul Winfield. He works with another animal trainer played by singer Burl Ives. The question the film asks is whether racism is something that can be cured. Director Samuel Fuller doesn’t pussy foot around the issue of racism or get his point across using subtle techniques. This film goes for your jugular and doesn’t let go until the final credit has rolled by. Normally the way this film is made would be the sign of an amateur director, but in this case it’s the sign of a masterful one.

Go into this film when you are feeling at your strongest because it will be devastating. You won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend it.