Another Wong Kar Wai film, another tale of lives in limbo that reflect Hong Kong’s status before being returned to China in 1997 and later being fully incorporated into China in 2046. This time around we follow two young girls and two young guys in the 1960’s. It’s like Beverly Hills 90210 with these people. In fact, one of them is a dead ringer for Luke Perry’s character Dylan McKay. He is an emotional black hole that sucks up any effort at a relationship anybody puts into him. He just sucks it up and sinks deeper.

It’s fitting that this film takes place in the 1960’s when investing in the present didn’t make sense because in a few years the world would be turned on it’s head. Just like living in Hong Kong prior to 1997. These kids are wild, but they ultimately can’t go anywhere.

The film is shot in a beautiful surreal manner that evokes a place that is imagined or dying. Run of the Wong mill alienation and search for identity that characterizes his films. Check it out, it’s probably the most accessible of his pre-1997 films.