I distinctly remember hearing good things about this film. It was terrible! The film starts off with a pseudo-intellectual girl with hopes of going to Oxford meeting an older guy who preys on her with sweet words and the promise of adventure. Think for a second about that start… Now the story that you just thought up is exactly what you get with this film. I have seen episodes from the Degrassi franchise that covered this kind of thing just as well if not better. What a waste of time, you can see everything coming and it is done just like you have seen it a million times before.

People kept raving about Carey Mulligan in this film. She clearly has potential, but all she does is walk through this film spewing pseudo-intellectual nonsense (sometimes in French to add insult to injury), whines when things fall apart, and then spews some sentimental claptrap to finish off the film.

I would start attacking other parts of this film, but it just isn’t worth my time.