There is nothing like the isolation of space to analyze the human psyche. Kubrick knew it with 2001 and Tarkovsky knew it with Solaris. Director Duncan Jones aims to do something similar with Moon. He takes us to the moon where one man, played by Sam Rockwell, and his computer pal Gerty, voiced by Kevin Spacey, supposedly help to supply Earth with abundant energy. However, it does mean living in total isolation. To explain much more is to give everything away, but lets just say he is and he isn’t alone.

The film uses a very Portal like atmosphere and set design. The world is highly clean and sanitized marked here and there by drawings and remnants of the inhabitant. But this surface appearance is deceiving and upon closer inspection it hides secrets. It’s pretty and frightening.

Now don’t get me wrong, this film is far from Solaris and 2001 and the “one” man performance wears thin after awhile. Considering the praise a film like An Education got and how awful that film turned out to be, this film is a must see of 2009.