I normally write about film, but I do read as well. Apparently there is a practice called Teaser Tuesday. You grab whatever you are currently reading, open up to a random page, and share a “teaser” from that page. I thought I would participate this time. I am currently reading a Dutch novel from the 1950’s called The Darkroom Of Damocles by Willem Frederik Hermans. I am about halfway through it at the moment. I reviewed the film adaptation, Als Twee Druppels Water, in an earlier post. Here is my “teaser”:

“He visualised the daughter getting on the train to The Hague, carefully putting the bag of cherries in the luggage net…catching the train to Scheveningen…asking the way to the prison…asking at the gate for Mrs van Blaaderen…being told she wasn’t there…not believing them…flying into a patriotic rage, mouthing off about Hitler…being arrested herself, having the cherries thrown back in her face!

That must not happen. How could it be avoided? Oh, easily enough. But it won’t get my mother her cherries!