This is just the kind of film that I can’t stand. When characters shoot each other through a video camera as a cinematic distancing device I don’t feel distanced, I feel pushed away like a bad Godard film. This movie is a lousy coming of age cross-cultural alienation story. It’s about a disillusioned guy from Japan who meets a 14-year-old girl in Hong Kong slowly losing her childhood to a divided family, an old grandma, and a coming emigration to Canada.

The two use English as their medium for communication since he doesn’t understand Cantonese and she doesn’t understand Japanese. It provides for some interesting explanations and makes it difficult for the two to hide behind the fluency of their native tongue. He asks her to take him to a traditional Chinese restaurant so she takes him to a McDonald’s. From there we go from one sparse set to another where they moan and groan.

There just isn’t anything to like about this movie. At least nothing that I could see.