I’m taking part in my first blogfest thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh. I am coming in a little late, but here is my 12 films.

-Trancers (1985) – One of the greatest B-movies ever made.
-Floating Weeds (1959) – My favorite Ozu film
-Taxi Driver (1976) – Bought the poster for this Scorsese film 10-15 years ago and it still is on my wall
-The Day I Became A Woman (2000) – The best Iranian film I have ever seen. Had me crying my eyes out when I saw it.
-A Clockwork Orange (1971) – Singin’ In The Rain took on a whole new meaning.
-Viridiana (1961) – Love Bunuel
-Planet Of The Dinosaurs (1978) – I watched this film so many times as a child it is burned into my mind.
-Blue Velvet (1986) – My first “art film”
-The Decalogue (1989) – One of the best films dealing with Christianity I have ever seen.
-The Long Day Closes (1992) – A recent addition to my favorites. Wonderful British film.
-Django, Kill! (If You Live Shoot!) (1967) – One of my favorite spaghetti westerns.
-Suspiria (1977) – Had no idea the Italians made horror films. Imagine my surprise!