Before I watched this movie I had only seen one film made by the Russian federation. I had seen a Czarist Russian film and plenty of Soviet films, but only one post Soviet film. This was my second and it was quite good. We meet a hero from the Russian Civil War and his family who are having a day in the Russian countryside during the late 1930’s. Then a cousin shows up and charms everyone, but there’s something that gives you the idea that this is more than just a visit. There isn’t anything to reveal after that without giving anything away.

The film is similar to Wim Wenders’ Wings Of Desire because the film can be frustrating and boring, but when the ending starts to take hold the rest of the film is suddenly pulled into it’s proper context and it all makes sense. The film is also similar to the Czechoslovakian film The Shop On Main Street because there is something that is being built in the film that acts as a barometer. When it rears it’s ugly head the film really shines.

I could have done without the fireball though.