I swear that the volume in the theater was turned up more than it usually is for other movies. Maybe it was done to drown out the little kids. If that was the case it didn’t work. Luckily this film, while not as good as Up or Wall-E, is a lot of fun.

The movie starts with Andy getting ready to go to college. The toys aren’t sure whether they are going to get thrown away or taken to the attic. Instead, they find themselves at a daycare center where they are greeted with open arms. Well, at least to begin with. Without revealing details, that daycare center becomes a prison from which the toys need to escape.

Think of the movie as a prison break plot with some noirish bad guys and a message of unity. That sums is up pretty good. Just be forewarned that this is a good children’s movie meaning that they don’t couch reality or the bad guys. Oh, and listen for the speech from Cool Hand Luke about what things you can do to end up in the box.

Kids of all ages will enjoy this movie. Just don’t act like a kid in the theater by talking or eating from plastic bags you have brought your own popcorn in. If you want to sit on grandma’s lap, please take that seat before the movie starts.