This movie is kind of two movies spliced together. At the beginning there is some dramatic and political stuff and at the end there is more that stuff. In between we get a romantic comedy. It’s the in between part that is enjoyable so that’s what I will talk about.

A male reporter and female factory worker share a wall that separates what would be one room. That wall is rather flimsy. In fact, it’s more like a fence over which they can and do throw things at each other. The key is that while they share a wall and can’t stand the other person, they really don’t know the other person. This means that when he spots this beautiful woman on the trolley and starts to get to try to get to know her, he is already closer to her then he can imagine. It’s kind of a lesser version of The Shop Around The Corner.

It’s harmless fun if you can get past the other stuff that doesn’t work. It’s worth a look.