It’s so nice when you get to see a film that doesn’t equate homosexuality with crossdressing or being transgender. Director Ang Lee was too smart for that kind of stereotype with Brokeback Mountain and he doesn’t do it with this film that he made about 10 years prior.

The movie’s a lighthearted family comedy about a gay couple that puts on a farce of a wedding and subsequent banquet for the benefit of one of their parents. In the process, they bring in a girlfriend to play the wife. There is nothing here that you wouldn’t expect, but it’s good to see a film that shows that how forcing homosexuality underground hurts more than the person who is gay. It hurts those around them. In this film Wai (the son) hurts Wei Wei (the fake bride) because he robs her of finding true happiness and hurts Simon (the lover) because he robs him of the happiness he had with Wai.

Like I said before, it’s a lighthearted family comedy, but one with an important message so I recommend it.