The film begins with us watching the start of a film and ends with us pulling back out of that film. In between we are introduced to a man who is deeply troubled by his sexual desires. He goes by Mr. Ogata and lives with a woman who is convinced that the carp she keeps in her fish tank is the reincarnation of her dead husband. She believes that she has to remain celibate otherwise he can’t rest in the afterlife. If the carp jumps then something is really wrong. She has a step daughter named Keiko that Ogata lusts after, but never really gets. I’m not saying there isn’t anything sexual between them, because there is, but ultimately they are apart.

Ogata makes porn films and occasionally arranges orgies and private meetings with women. Since his business is illegal in 1960’s Japan he can’t do much when a local gang comes in from time to time and steals material and equipment. As the film progresses, the wife moves further towards madness as Ogata wants to have sex with her, but really wants her daughter. Meanwhile the daughter moves into prostitution and participates in several orgies.

Feeling betrayed by all the women in his life going back to his own mother, Ogata decides to make his own real life sex doll or a Dutch wife. In doing this, he finally can have what he wants without having to deal with any woman. In the end he is driven into virtual and literal isolation.

A lot of the film is shot to give us a voyeuristic point of view. What sexual material there is feels passionless and impotent like Mr. Ogata. It’s a bizarre, but interesting film. I recommend it.