I saw this movie for the first time on June 14th, 2007. I really remember loving this movie. This time I couldn’t stand it. I’m afraid if I try to write too much here I will start talking about nuking France in the hope that we might get Godard or going back in time and smothering Brecht in his cradle.

The film is of the romantic comedy genre, but the film is about playing with the genre of the romantic comedy in a variety of ways. Anna Karina’s character wants a baby. Her boyfriend thinks she is just being a woman and therefore doesn’t know what she wants. Their friend really doesn’t do much, but he is there to play the role of the third man that you would normally see in romantic comedy. It goes from there predictably, but playfully.

If you’re new to cinema you will probably find the playfulness fun. Three years after my initial viewing, it really didn’t work for me. Hopefully, Band Of Outsiders won’t be as disappointing upon a second viewing…