Two lessons I learned from Fires On The Plain:
1. When cannibals are about, make sure you have TB so they won’t eat you.
2. Never eat the monkey meat.

It begins with a soldier getting chewed out for coming back from the hospital so fast. I mean the guy has TB, there is no way he could be cured that fast. They send him back to the hospital. By the time he gets there, they tell him get away, he can walk, so he doesn’t need to be in hospital. From there on out our hero slowly begins to make his way toward the evacuation point of what turns out to be the Philippines in 1945.

The film is like a version of night of the living dead with Japanese soldiers. That includes walking like zombies and eating people. Our hero thinks about surrendering to the Americans, but after he sees another soldier try but instead get killed by a Filipino soldier before the American soldier can stop her–he changes his mind. The more he marches the fewer and fewer Japanese soldiers he sees. Ultimately, he ends up with a couple of soldiers who are hunting “monkeys” while keeping a suspicious eye on each other.

In the end, the one guy kills the other and our hero kills him: the man pictured above who has just feasted on the other guy. Then our hero attempts to surrender to Filipino farmers knowing full well their going to shoot him. It’s a disturbing film that is a horror for the eyes. I highly recommend it.