The Guy

The Girl

What Happens When Catholicism Comes Between Them

What The Guy Turns To Out Of Sexual Frustration

What The Girl Turns To Out Of Sexual Frustration

What The Guy Ends Up As: A Fascist

That pretty much sums up Seijun Suzuki’s film. It’s about a guy and a girl who are both Catholic in mid-1930’s Japan. The girl won’t let him in sexually and he is ashamed anytime he gets an erection. In frustration he turns to fighting. He gets kicked out of his school and ends up having to go elsewhere for his education. Upon arriving there, he begins to insult the locals, joins a gang, and beats the crap out of people. In the end he joins the militarist coup that occurred in 1936.

Despite all the fighting it’s really not that violent. It’s actually quite goofy. It’s fun, but it’s not the best Suzuki I have seen so far. I just recommend it.