Ok, so lets go from the left. That’s the grandmother played by Thelma Ritter, that’s wife #1 played by Doris Day, that’s wife #2 played by Polly Bergen, the very tall and smiling guy played by Chuck Connnors we’ll get to later, and the man to the right of him is the husband played by James Garner.

If you’ve seen My Favorite Wife then you already know the plot and this remake is not as good. For those who didn’t, the film begins with the husband getting his first wife declared legally dead because she has been missing at sea for 5 years. After she’s declared dead, he gets married to wife number two. Then it turns out that wife number one is still alive and has just been brought back to US. You can see where this is going.

She shows up, he’s happy until he realizes that he now has two wives. Chaos ensues and the husband takes the majority of the flack from his first wife until he finds that she wasn’t alone at sea. In fact, she was with a very tall, very strong, very primal guy. So now she’s taking the flack from the husband. Turns out the guy was a prick who hit on her for five years while she spent her time running away from him.

Since this is a Doris Day film you know where this is headed. The problem is that it just can’t keep up the necessary pace to take this ridiculous material and keep it funny every minute rather then letting it set in just how crazy it all is. That said, it’s middle of the road so it’s worth a look.