Band Of Prostitutes (Yellow, Green, Red, Purple)

Finally, a Japanese film that takes place in the postwar years where there are actual American soldiers on the streets. During the occupation the US made it illegal for Japanese films to show American soldiers. Since this film was made in 1964 it meant that they were no longer under that restriction. It also meant that the actual postwar world that Rossellini made such wonderful use of in Italy was gone in Japan by the time this film was made. We’ll get back to the affect that had on the film.

The film is about a girl who gets raped and abused on the streets until three tough prostitutes take her in and make her one of their own. She becomes the green girl shown above. There is another girl that is like a den mother for them. She dresses very traditional in a kimono. They have one rule: never sleep with a man for love.

Enter the wayward Japanese soldier played by Jo Shishido and in short order the girls let him become a pimp of sorts. They still exploit themselves for themselves, but he is now part of the family and commits crimes on the side in order to bring home the beef, literally an animal to be killed for beef in one situation. Soon he and the den mother have sex. Of course in this wonderful world of ours, it’s not Shishido who gets in trouble its the den mother.

The Punished Den Mother

After that relationship is promptly stopped. The rest of the film follows the developing love between green and Shishido till it’s tragic end.

Since this film was made long after Tokyo was rebuilt, on a small budget, and was produced by the studio Nikkatsu because they wanted a film with lots of flesh and whippings you would think that you would get some cheesy porno. However, this film was assigned to director Seijun Suzuki who had a production designer that was very familiar with theatrical set design. This meant that between the two of them we got a very imaginative, theatrically realistic, erotica that is both arousing and beautiful.

American Soldiers, Finally!!!

The Scene Where The Priest Has Sex With Green

Punishment Of Green

As much as there is to like here, I can only recommend it.