Her Body, His Arms

I’ve seen some strange directors in my time, but Alejandro Jodorowsky is right at the top. I will never forget the man who makes the ultimate sacrifice to complete the hall of a thousand testicles in The Holy Mountain. This is my third Jodorowsky film and it too will leave some pretty disturbing images in my mind.

The film begins with a man in a mental hospital then immediately goes into flashback. There is a circus, a cult, and the man, as a child, caught between the two. The circus is run by the child’s father who likes sleeping with the tattooed woman. The child is in the circus too. The cult worships a “saint” that was raped and had her arms cut off. The authorities plan to bulldoze the “church” when a local monsieur visits to see what is going on. After seeing the inside of the “church” and the pool of “holy blood”, which is actually red paint, he tells them to go ahead with it’s destruction. The woman who runs it is the child’s mother and she now goes back to the circus.

Shortly after going back to the circus she sees that her husband is cheating on her with the tattooed woman. She pours acid on his genitals and he cuts off her arms. Without his family jewels he slits his own throat. All this happens with the child watching from inside a trailer. Flash forward back to the mental hospital and what begins is a twisted manipulation and control of the man by his mother.

One of the best scenes in the movie is the death of the elephant who oozes blood from it’s trunk. Later we see that scene again in a hallucination except it’s the man and the blood comes from his nose. However, my favorite is when the man sees a mock up of the world’s strongest woman and then begins to hallucinate that a boa constrictor is coming out of his crotch to crush his body.

Death Of An Elephant

That’s Happened To Me Before

This film is not as good as The Holy Mountain or El Topo, but I definitely recommend it. Just make sure you have a strong stomach and don’t have fears of circus types.