Ju Dou (Gong Li), Tianqing Yang (Baotian Li)

This film left me feeling very frustrated. Visually it’s beautiful, but storywise it needed some work. The film is about Ju Dou and two members of the Yang family. Jinshan runs a dye factory and his brother Tianqing works there. Jinshan has recently purchased Ju Dou as his wife and subsequently begins to beat her since he can’t get it up. Ju Dou and Tianqing begin to see eachother on the side and Ju Dou gets pregnant. They have the baby and fool Jinshan. This is where the film starts to go downhill.

They don’t try to kill Jinshan, which is understandable. Jinshan becomes a cripple, but understandably they still don’t kill him. Then Jinshan tries to kill the baby so they put him back in the room with the baby and don’t kill him, huh??? You keep wondering just what line has to be crossed before you can off the guy. The film is supposed to take place in 1920’s China, but this movie needed blatant justification for why these two lovers do what they do. You just end up yelling at them.

As it is, approach it with caution.