In this film we follow a gay couple, Lai Yui-fai played by Tony Leung and Ho Po-wing played by Leslie Cheung, on their vacation to Argentina from Hong Kong. They didn’t have the most stable of relationships when they came and it doesn’t take long before their relationship is on the rocks. Their money dries up and they are stranded. Tony goes through a variety of jobs and is the stable one of the two. Of course that’s assuming that by stable you mean brooding all the time like you were living in Seattle, Washington or Pleasant Hill, California. Leslie comes in and out of the film in relatively small portions. We are lead to believe that he is selling his body for money. In the meantime, Tony meets a third man named Chang played by Chen Chang. It’s through this other relationship that Tony’s able to move toward being stable without Leslie.

The usual stock of Kar Wai Wong effects like slow motion, hand held camerawork, and black and white are on display. I am sure you can take the film and make it into an allegory for Hong Kong being returned to China. Wong’s films are always like that. This film can be a bit trying, but it’s a worth a look.