Director John Woo’s Trademark Shot

The movie is about a rouge cop named Tequila (Chow Yun-Fat) who is trying to take down some gun runners while another man named Alan (Tony Leung) is deep undercover within the group of gun runners trying to take them down from the inside. They meet in the shot above and from then on they work together to bring them down.

However, you’re not watching a John Woo film for the plot. You are watching for the long and bloody close quarters gun battles, the brother-like relationship that two characters develop, and as much style as Woo can throw on top of the action without drowning the picture in it. The best of the gun battles is the first one in a small cafe/restaurant. It’s the shortest, but it’s the most effective of them. I am not big fan of Woo, but when it comes to close quarters action he is one of the best.

The action was a bit too much for me, but putting that aside this is a very well made and entertaining action film with all the John Woo trimmings. I recommend it.

An aside:

Using Handcuffs As A Wrench. MacGyver Would Be Proud