This is one film that is right on the border between a worth a look and a recommended. The ending makes me want to bring it down to a worth a look, but the performances can’t be ignored. The movie is about a husband played by Barry Sullivan and the wife played by Loretta Young who he is convinced is trying to kill him. Sullivan masterfully plays plays the mentally unstable husband who is sick and laid up in bed. The man becomes a human snake. Loretta on the other hand, manages to play loving, caring, and desperate, but without crossing into being stupid or naive.

Sullivan mails that letter pictured at the top to the DA, tries to kill Loretta, and then dies before he can shoot her. From then on it’s a race to try and keep that letter from reaching the DA. Loretta pulls off the desperation of the this woman perfectly. The only real problem is the ending, but that’s really the fault of the production code. If this had been made without that code in place, they probably would have done the ending right.

Nevertheless, the performances are just too damn good to ignore. I recommend it.