Delphine (Marie Rivière)

The title of this film is kind of confusing. It comes up as an important part of the story as reference to Jules Verne’s The Green Ray and we do see that meteorological phenomenon at the end of the film. However, I have come to expect titles like My Night At Maud’s or Pauline At The Beach from director Eric Rohmer. A better title for this film would have been Delphine Goes On Vacation.

And that’s exactly what she does. However, when her friends want her to go outside of France she recoils. Her family is going to Ireland, but a proper vacation isn’t with family according to her. She ends up going from one French vacation spot to another where she keeps her shields up and withdraws from every opportunity only to say later that she is open and that there must be something wrong with her. In at least one place she shows up only to turn around a little while later.

The tale of the green ray is that if you see this phenomenon you will not only be able to read other’s feelings and your own. She is drawn to this story because she really doesn’t understand herself and misunderstands those around her. As a result, she is very isolated.

This movie resonated with me because unfortunately I am a lot like Delphine. I recommend it.