Tetsu (Tetsuya Watari)

This is one of the best films from director Seijun Suzuki that I have ever seen. It’s up there with his best film Branded To Kill. The plot is simple. Tetsu who was a yakuza wants to go straight. He even has business partners and has acquired property. But as in any film with a mob, once your in the only way out is very painful. Tetsu’s old buddies muscle in on his new partners and before he knows it he is forced to become a drifter. He goes from place to place fighting off assassins as they come while people he thought were friends turn on him.

However, it’s not the plot that you are watching a Suzuki film for, it’s the style. And is this film ever laden with style. Here are some examples that don’t do justice to the way they are pieced together along with a wonderful use of music.

Use Of B&W

Like A Tomb

Use Of Color And The Giant Cheerio

More Use Of Color

Theatrical Set Design

Reminds Me Of The Man With The Golden Gun

Negotiations Should Always Have Plenty Of Purple

More Theatrical Set Design

You can’t help watching another minute it’s just so beautiful. I highly recommend it.