Haydée (Haydée Politoff) and Adrien (Patrick Bauchau)

In typical French fashion, this movie is about two guys and one girl at a country estate where they talk non-stop unless they are having sex. The two guys are collectors in the more traditional sense while the girl collects men. There is a lot of talking about stuff that is largely meaningless as far as I am concerned. The girl sleeps with a lot of men, but hasn’t found what she is looking for yet. She goes after the two guys, but that doesn’t work for her either. The two guys don’t like a liberated woman and don’t like being collected, as it were, by this one in particular. Their time in countryside is ruined by the situation and they all go away. In between, there are many beautiful shots like the one above.

If you can gleam more from this film then feel free to share it with me. To this one I say, approach with caution.