Nelly (Inga Landgré) and Jenny (Marianne Löfgren)

This is the first film that Ingmar Bergman directed. If I had watched this not knowing it was Bergman, I wouldn’t have been able to identify it as his work.

The movie is basically an examination of relationships, both positive and destructive. A girl named Nelly has two mothers. The first mother, Ingeborg, is the one deserving the title because she took care of Nelly for 18 years. The second mother, Jenny, is her birth mother who comes along and with her boy toy Jack sweeps Nelly off her feet, taking her to the city. There was a man back home who loved her but was older, while Jack seemed new and interesting. Things gradually go wrong for all the parties involved.

Some of the shots are quite beautiful and Inga Landgré is good as Nelly, but this isn’t anything extraordinary. It’s a well made little film that doesn’t betray the emerging talent behind it. Worth a look.