So having seen Toy Story and Toy Story 3, I was finally able to get Toy Story 2 from Netflix after 2-3 months of waiting. It’s definitely the weaker of the three films. Once again, we begin in Andy’s room with his stock of immortal toys trapped in a world where those they care about grow older and go away while they never change. Andy goes away to Cowboy camp for the summer and Mom has a yard sale. Unfortunately, Woody gets injured shortly before Andy’s departure and is placed in an unusual place in the room. There he discovers a toy he thought had disappeared and when Mom takes that toy to be sold–Woody comes to the rescue with the help from the family dog.

At the sale is an unscrupulous toy salesman who spots Woody and promptly steals him. Turns out Woody is part of a fairly large collection of toys, goodies, and a very short lived TV show. The toy salesman plans to sell the now complete set to a museum in Japan. This is where he meets Jessie, his female counterpart, his horse, and Stinky Pete. Woody has to choose to live out his immortality in a museum where he will supposedly be appreciated forever or returning to Andy where he will have only a few good years left to be played with.

As with all the Toy Story films, the toys have to face that their immortality in a world full of humans means that there time in sun is short lived. As with the other two films they do their best to make use of the time they have and the gift they have to offer children. However, this time the plot feels a little too contrived and aside from Jessie’s backstory, we just aren’t moved to the same degree as in the first and third films. As such, I recommend it.