On an island off the coast of Sicily, a woman named Anna disappears while on an outing with her lover Sandro, a friend Claudia, and others. They search that island and the surrounding ones thoroughly and can’t find her anywhere. Did she fall, did she swim away, did she leave on a boat:? Those questions will not be answered in this film. What ensues is a largely directionless search by Claudia and Sandro for Anna. What is really going on is that without Anna they need to find other sources of distraction in their idle rich lives. This causes them to go on the titular adventure in their own superficial loneliness. A great example of this adventure is what happens when a “lead” sends them to the ghost town pictured above which they promptly leave and end up in the picture below making out.

As the film progresses, the architecture and landscapes change from the open island–more like a giant rock–to the claustrophobic confines of hotel hallways and rooms. It’s in the hotel where they split for the night. Claudia stays in her room and Sandro goes downstairs.

What Claudia Ends Up Doing

Who Sandro Ends Up Doing

The ending is ambiguous as far as I am concerned. All we know is that they seem to be able to forgive each other. For me, this is one of those films that really tests whether you are a true movie buff or not. No one’s asking you to like it, but you should be able to appreciate it and understand it. I was always able to do the first one, but I think I have a good grip on the second one now. I highly recommend you take the test yourself.