Ossi, Daughter Of The Oyster King

This is one of those films that words alone can’t do justice so I am going to give a brief plot summary followed by a series of screenshots that should give you a better hold on this film. It begins with Ossi, pictured above, throwing a temper tantrum. “Why are you throwing those newspapers?” asks her father. She says, “Because all the vases are broken.” It turns out that the daughter of Blackpott, Shoe-Cream King, has married a count. No problem, he says he’ll buy her a prince. So papa puts in an order for a son-in-law and begins training his daughter for marriage. The “prince” decides to send his friend to check things out first, but things get rushed and the friend ends up marrying her instead. I am not going to give away the ending, but the Hollywood production code would be proud, which is funny coming from director Ernst Lubitsch.

It’s a hilarious comedy from Lubitsch and you will find his famous touch on this film. I highly recommend it.

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