“We choose to go to the moon, not because it is easy, but because there is gold on the moon.”

Ok, Kennedy didn’t say that, but it’s still a good way to start this review. This movie takes us back to the 1920’s where an expedition to the moon is planned somewhat on the basis of a professor’s claim that there is gold on it. Director Fritz Lang does a good job of awing us with the special effects similar to Metropolis. Don’t confuse that to mean this is anywhere near the masterpiece that film is, because it isn’t. It has a huge windup to being on the moon taking us through all the meticulous launch and landing details, but then it turns to a short gold turns people to animals plot. It’s not very fulfilling.

There is nothing else to talk about. It’s for people who want to see Fritz Lang do sci-fi again and want to see the ridiculous idea of gold being on the moon…and air. So with that warning, approach it with caution.