Spies: Sonja and No. 326

Most people know director Fritz Lang for his commentaries on the justice system in films like M, Fury, and Beyond A Reasonable Doubt or science fiction for Metropolis. However, he was also good at action adventure with films like Spiders, Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler, and this little gem. It’s full of action and international intrigue, but it’s really about the two spies pictured above who fall in love. Unfortunately, No. 326 works for the government’s secret service and Sonja works for the criminal mastermind Haghi.


In some ways, this is a primitive action film that simply moves us from one self-contained sequence to another. In others, it’s cutting edge in the use of cutting and composition. There is also more continuity than a serial like Les Vampires and like any good action adventure it’s the leading roles that draws our attention more than the plot. In this film you can see a prototype for the Bond films. It’s borderline, but I highly recommend it.