The Butcher and the Headmistress

Most plot summaries you encounter for this film will say it’s about a headmistress who finds people dying around her shortly after the local butcher comes into her life. Kind of a murder mystery except the murders are not really the mystery. There really is no other plausible killer but the butcher. The mystery lies in the relationship between the butcher and the headmistress. How much does each of them know and how do they feel about it?

You can get an idea of what I mean in the screenshot above. Look how she stands and how the cigarette juts from her mouth. She is hot, but unattainable. Look how he holds his arms behind his body as if he feels he needs to keep a professional distance while taking a good look at everything but her face. He assumes a position similar to that of a student who is ‘hot for teacher’ and she seems to know it and enjoy it.

He Gets The Little Chair Like A Child

Appears To Be Aroused By The Fact That The Latest Victim Was Not Raped

The film is erotically charged, but it requires your careful attention to detail and the relationship between the two characters rather than guessing at the identity of the killer or waiting on the plot. It can be tough and it took me two viewings and a reading of Ebert’s essay, but it’s worth it. I recommend it.