That little sign above kind of sums up the film. Sure you can describe it this way. An old rich guy played by Charles Coburn decides to give his estate to the family of the girl who spurned him, but as a result made him the man he is today. He is advised to check them out first so he shows up, moves in, and secretly gives them $100,000 to see what happens. But Douglas Sirk is the director and he has brought along the social commentary. The difference is that he doesn’t bury it in a slick melodrama this time. He puts it right out there like a Preston Sturgess film with hilarious lines and screwball situations.

“Engaged! Gosh, that’s almost as good as married.” -Little Girl
“It’s frequently better.” -Old Man

“Oh, Mr. Smith, I’m so happy. We’re millionaires! Millionaires!” -Little Girl
“Not quite, my dear. You’ve only got $100,000. In order to be considered a millionaire, you must have at least $200,000.” -Old Man

“Nonsense, Roberta. All The best people have French poodles.” -Mother

“She doesn’t want water. She wants money.” -Little Girl about her Mother

The look is Sirk all the way.

And it even comes with Rock Hudson and a very short appearance by…

This Man Needs No Introduction

Expect laughs, but nothing much more beyond that. Don’t let somebody tell you it’s a musical cause the tiny bit of singing that is done does not a musical make. It’s worth a look.