Wendell Armbruster, Jr. (Jack Lemmon) and Pamela Piggott (Juliet Mills)

It’s a Billy Wilder film, but instead of having the Production Code to tie his hands, he was free to have scenes like the one above. Not to mention the first scenes in the film that make us think Lemmon is going into a airplane bathroom to have sex with another man. Turns out he just needs to exchange clothes with the other man. Lemmon was on the golf course in appropriate attire when he found out his father had died in Italy and he had to jump right on a plane. The other man had a suit and was willing to make the switch. Upon arrival in Italy he meets a woman played by Juliet Mills who has connections to his deceased father via her deceased mother. Gradually the big business no nonsense I want it done yesterday Lemmon begins to see what his father saw in Italy.

It’s an Old Hollywood comedy, but with a story that wouldn’t have made it past the Production Code. Most of the jokes are at the expense of the Italians, but it’s nothing the Italians haven’t done themselves far far worse. Still, some of the jokes also skewer the Americans as well. All in all a good time. I recommend it.